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Media Search Group is the best web design company in Dubai, dedicated to designing elegant and revenue-driven websites that flawlessly represent your brand. We aim to deliver bespoke website designs with a seamless user experience, ensuring your digital presence leaves a long-lasting impression on your target audience. We offer complete web design and development solutions, making us the one-stop shop for all your UI/UX design needs.

Uplift Your Dubai Brand with Our Web Design and Development Expertise

Introduce your brand to the world with an exceptional website design with our web design agency. With our expertise in web design and development, we create visually appealing websites that give your brand a competitive edge in the digital world. We have a dedicated team of website designers and developers to help you build a strong online presence that takes your business to the next level with mobile-friendly and SEO-ready websites.

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Our Website Design Services

Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design

A great website has become a necessity for small businesses in the UAE to compete in the digital market dominated by mega brands. With our website design services, you can introduce your startup or small business in a unique way that attracts more potential customers.

Corporate Web Design

Corporate Web Design

Does your website capture a lot of traffic but it does not convert into real customers and sales? If yes, the reason might be your website design. A good corporate website design is a must for your business to encourage site visitors to stick around, interact, and make purchases.

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

Do you want your website design to be more personalized? If yes, free website templates might not work for you. Our custom web design services are the ultimate solution to have a custom website that appeals to your target audience and contributes to business growth.

E-Commerce Web Design

E-Commerce Web Design

Are you planning to launch an online store? Then, don’t wait anymore because designing the best e-commerce websites takes time. As one of the most trusted e-commerce web development companies in the UAE, we can build an SEO-optimized, ROI-driven, and user-friendly online store.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Over 68 .28% of people in the UAE use smartphones, 30.24% use desktops, and the remaining prefers tablets as per current data from Statista. Our responsive web design services can help you cater to all types of users at once, allowing you to capture more organic traffic.

Brand Microsite Design

Brand Microsite Design

Looking for a small, affordable website to represent your brand the best way? A brand microsite is designed to showcase your brand identity, values, and offerings. We specialize in brand microsite design to promote your brand message and target your audience effectively.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Having a great website is not enough; it also needs to be visible to your potential customers to get the best out of your website. As an experienced digital marketing agency in Dubai, we can help with search engine optimization, social media marketing, PPC advertising, and more.

CMS Development

CMS Development

Content management system (CMS) development is important when you need an intuitive, scalable, customizable, and SEO-oriented website to publish, store, and manage your content. Our team of web development and design is fully capable to take care of your CMS needs.

Database Integration

Database Integration

Need a website integrated with a powerful database? At our web design company in Dubai, our team also takes care of database integration so that your website and consumer content flow smoothly. We ensure that your data can be centrally managed to improve your website’s reliability.

Web Application Design

Web Application Design

Do you have a plan to launch a web application? Look no further than our web application design services. With expertise in web application design and development, we will provide you with a web app that can automate your business processes and boost productivity.

Mobile Application Design

Mobile Application Design

Launching your own mobile is a great way to create a community of loyal customers and provide them with the best buying experience. If you have not launched a mobile app yet, it’s high time to connect with us and invest in affordable mobile app development and design.

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Our E-Commerce Web Design Services Include

Magento Web Design

Magento Web Design

Stand out from the crowd with our Magento web design solutions. As web design experts, we can help your e-commerce platform powered by appealing design, layered navigation, and grouped products to wish lists, favorites, product comparisons, and advanced search and filters.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

Our website design company in Dubai specializes in creating WordPress websites with custom templates and several add-on features. Our MSG’s web design experts can help you build a robust and scalable e-commerce website where you can easily manage & update content.

Shopify Web Design

Shopify Web Design

We are the leading Shopify web design agency in Dubai that can help you build an efficient e-commerce website on Shopify. Empowered with detailed web analytics, order updates, and store upgrades, Shopify offers a great platform to begin the journey of your online venture.

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Web Design Services That Contribute to Your Brand Development and Growth

Better User Experience

Great user experience is the first and foremost thing that we keep in mind while creating a website for your business. It is the UX/UI design that determines how your site visitors will interact with your website and if they will have a good user experience. We specialize in UX/UI design and can build websites that ensure smooth, interactive, and easy interaction.

Enhanced Brand Value

A well-designed and eye-catching website helps improve your brand reputation and value. When potential customers come to your website and find it attractive and easy to use, they are more likely to visit your website again and recommend it to their friends and family. Thus, it is important to partner with an experienced website design company in the UAE like ours.

Personalized Appeal

As the best website design company in Dubai, we can offer custom web design services to help you build a business website that personates your brand. Unlike free website designs that use a cookie-cutter approach and offer limited features, we can provide you with a personalized website with custom features that perfectly align with your digital marketing campaigns.

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The digital marketing solutions offered by Media Search Group have been a transformative experience for our business. This digital marketing agency has measurably improved our online presence with a comprehensive and strategic approach. It has been hailed for its expertise in SEO, social media marketing, and PPC campaigns. The team at Media Search Group has displayed a remarkable commitment to our success, demonstrating their expertise in all facets of digital marketing. We look forward to continuing our partnership with this outstanding digital marketing agency.




Our partnership with the digital marketing firm has been a game changer for our enterprise. Their comprehensive knowledge of digital marketing tactics and innovative methodologies has notably amplified our web presence and customer interaction. The agency supplied us with an all-encompassing suite of digital marketing solutions that were not just efficient, but also affordable. They grasped our business requirements and customised their tactics accordingly. We wholeheartedly endorse them for any company in search of a trustworthy and proficient digital marketing firm.




Media Search Group has been a transformative experience for our business. The digital marketing agency furnished our business with the best services, including search engine optimization, social media management, and content creation, that can drastically improve our business visibility and customer engagement. My experience with these services has been exceptionally positive. The strategies employed increased our website traffic as well as significantly boosted our conversion rates. I would highly recommend any business consider leveraging the expertise of a digital marketing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Website Design and Development

Website design and development is the term that covers both visual elements of a website that users can see and functionality that needs coding but is hidden from users. In other words, it is the complete process of creating a fully functional website.

Traditionally, there are two different types of website design, namely, static web design and dynamic web design.

A static web page is designed to have the same content and appear the same for every site user. Its content and design change only if a developer modifies the source code.

A dynamic web page is capable of displaying different information to different types of users. Its content can change based on the user’s location or actions made by the user before.

Brand microsites are specially designed to promote a brand’s products, services, campaigns, events, or ideology. These may be small business websites or websites with single pages that may use different domains or subdomains and include links to the main company website.

  • Website Layout: This stage includes choosing and buying the domain, web hosting, and website building platform and deciding on the layout and overall website design.
  • Website Content: This stage involves creating website content, SEO, and navigation such as menus, linking, etc.
  • Website Graphics: This stage focuses on adding images, menu icons, supporting videos and images, choosing an overall color scheme, choosing text format, and a lot more.
  • Website Launching: The stage of launch and deployment begins once you are satisfied with the previous stages and want your website to go live.

Web design refers to the design elements, such as the layout and menu that are visible on the screen when you open a website. On the other hand, website development focuses on the behind-the-scenes work, i.e. programming and coding operations that make a website functional.

Hiring an independent web designer or an in-house web designer in the UAE, including Dubai can charge anywhere between AED 360 ($100) and AED 660 ($180) per hour, which could be lower or higher, based on their industry experience, skills, and the type of website you need.

The cost of website design varies based on the complexity of your website design, the type of website you need, the number of web pages in the website, the level of customization, and the choice of your website design agency.

Dubai-based website design agencies typically start their prices for small business websites at AED 4000 ($1000), for e-commerce websites at AED 8000 ($2000), and for custom websites at AED 10,000 ($2400). At Media Search Group, we offer affordable website design services.

To know how much your website design in Dubai and the UAE will cost you, contact us to get a quote.

It depends on what your website design and development package includes. While some web design companies in Dubai close their support after delivering a website, other agencies in Dubai offer ongoing support and maintenance. At Media Search Group, we offer one-month free web maintenance and support and charge a fixed fee for further ongoing services.

When it comes to choosing the best web design company in Dubai, follow the below tips to make your search process hassle-free.

  • Search for “best web design companies in Dubai” and shortlist the ones that look genuine and offer what you exactly need.
  • To narrow down your choices, pay attention to the website design of those companies to see if their website design looks amazing and ticks all the parameters that make a web design good.
  • Check their reviews and ratings to see if their previous customers are happy with their web design services in Dubai.
  • Check out their portfolio to get an idea of what kinds of websites they have designed.
  • Request quotations and choose the one that fits your budget and aligns with your website design needs.

Media Search Group is one of the best web design companies in Dubai because:

  • We have more than 12 years of experience in the digital marketing industry
  • We have dedicated teams of web designers, web developers, content writers, and graphic designers.
  • We offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions, which means apart from creating a website, we can also handle SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising, and more.
  • We have great customer reviews from our clients as we ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • We have catered to numerous clients from a diverse range of industries in Dubai and across the UAE.
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