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Acquire new customers in the B2B realm by partnering with our LinkedIn Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE. LinkedIn has grown into one of the most popular B2B platforms in the past decade, and Media Search Group has experience of more than a decade in digital marketing, including social media marketing. This enables us to create some of the most effective LinkedIn strategies for lead generation and B2B marketing. So, join us today to promote your business on LinkedIn in the best way.

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Struggling to find new B2B leads? The reason is B2B customers make more strategic buying decisions and take longer to purchase than B2C customers. That’s why you need an ideal platform for B2B marketing. LinkedIn offers a fantastic advertising suite and analytics to advertise your brand in more creatively. It’s high time to create a strong presence on LinkedIn. So, get started with our LinkedIn marketing services in Dubai, UAE and the Middle East now.

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Why LinkedIn Marketing Matters for Your Business?

About 76% of B2B companies create a formal marketing plan and nearly the same use social media advertising. While social media is typically seen as a B2C tactic, the choice of the right social media platform can garner desired attention and leads for B2B companies as well. In the B2B world, LinkedIn marketing is the best choice.

We are one of the industry leaders in digital marketing services in Dubai, and we can help you with more than LinkedIn marketing and advertising in Dubai. In addition to social media advertising, we can help improve your visibility on search engines with search engine optimization (SEO), improve brand recognition with creative content writing, generate more leads with PPC services, and various other aspects.

LinkedIn Marketing

Here is why LinkedIn is the most effective platform for B2B advertising and marketing:

  • Access to 4+ Million business professionals and companies in the United Arab Emirates and 930 million users across the globe
  • LinkedIn Pages that post at least once a week are found to have 6.5 times more followers than those that post monthly
  • Allow you to target specific market segments of your target audience as you can search based on job title, function, industry, skills, etc.
  • Get access to different tools such as sponsored content, sponsored messaging, text & dynamic ads, and lead gen forms
  • Allow you to directly message people in your target audience through Sponsored Messaging on the LinkedIn platform
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Our LinkedIn Marketing Services in Dubai

Create LinkedIn Business Page

Create a custom LinkedIn Business Page or enhance your existing profile with our LinkedIn experts. Having your company page on LinkedIn will allow you to advertise and engage with potential business professionals who play a crucial role in investments, procurement, and decision-making.

LinkedIn Strategy and Planning

Being one of the top LinkedIn marketing agencies in Dubai, we stay updated with the latest trends on social media and help you create the best LinkedIn strategies that align with your business objectives. We are experts in developing custom strategies and setting up effective LinkedIn marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn Ad Copy Development

To generate leads, our LinkedIn marketing agency does everything, right from social media content calendar to research to content creation to graphics. We ensure that your LinkedIn business page has eye-catching organic content and LinkedIn ads to attract the attention of your target audience.

LinkedIn Profile Maintenance

Apart from LinkedIn advertising, our team also focuses on keeping your LinkedIn Business page active and updated with regular organic posts to improve brand awareness, increase brand engagement, and capture the attention of professionals, while improving the brand recall value in your target audiences.

LinkedIn Ad Monitoring

Successful LinkedIn marketing is possible only with continuous monitoring. Our team of LinkedIn specialists monitors your ads continuously to ensure that they are performing well. We value your money; so if some ad doesn’t perform well, we stop it and enhance it to deliver profitable results.

LinkedIn Ad Tracking and Reporting

LinkedIn Ad Tracking and Reporting is also done for all the LinkedIn campaigns we run for your LinkedIn business page. It helps measure the effectiveness of results and ROI and also provides a clear understanding of how your social media campaigns are performing and brings newer ideas to the table.

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LinkedIn Advertising: How Is It Beneficial for You?

Connect with a LinkedIn advertising agency in Dubai to make your brand famous on the world’s largest professional network. Here are the top reasons why LinkedIn advertising must be a part of your digital marketing plan:

Build Brand Awareness

Build Brand Awareness

LinkedIn is a highly effective way to be seen by professionals who are interested in your products and services. With LinkedIn ads, you can create and build brand awareness.

Target-Specific Audiences

Target-Specific Audiences

To find businesses that are more likely to be interested in your services and products, you can target specific segments on LinkedIn by their location, company, job title, gender, age, and more.

More Cost-Effective

More Cost-Effective

LinkedIn advertising is more cost-effective than other social media platforms like Facebook advertising because LinkedIn Ads have lower Cost-Per-Click (CPC) and higher conversions.

Make Instant Impact

Make Instant Impact

LinkedIn ads get your message in front of professionals right away. LinkedIn users are already exploring the platform with business in mind and hence, are more likely to take action.

Advanced Targeting Options

Advanced Targeting Options

While all social media platforms offer targeting options to increase the reach to more relevant users, LinkedIn gives you advanced targeting options, for instance, company size and skills.

Higher Click-Through Rate

Higher Click-Through Rate

LinkedIn ads are known to have a higher click-through rate, with an average of 2.13%, which is much higher than other social media platforms, such as Facebook (0.9%) and Instagram (0.8%).

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LinkedIn Ads Targeting to Generate Qualified Leads

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Boost brand awareness with LinkedIn Single Image Ads, Video Ads, and Text Ads

Website Visits

Website Visits

Use LinkedIn Insights to optimize your marketing campaigns and retarget website visitors

Video Views

Video Views

Run video ads on LinkedIn to get more views and amplify brand awareness and engagement



Improve your LinkedIn presence by optimizing your profile and sharing valuable content

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Run lead generation campaigns with Lead Gen Forms and convert potential clients into real ones

Website Conversions

Website Conversions

Optimize your ad performance and website conversions by tracking and modifying your LinkedIn strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions on LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Marketing is the marketing process of using LinkedIn to generate leads, foster business relationships, build partnerships, improve brand awareness, share content, and drive traffic.

Yes. LinkedIn marketing is an even more powerful marketing platform for B2B businesses as it is a network of hundreds of millions of professionals and businesses that are already in the business mood and hence, are more likely to convert into your real customers.

LinkedIn marketing offers a wide range of benefits for B2B e-commerce businesses, including:

  • Increase online traffic
  • Boost global reach and visibility
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Increase sales, leads, and customers

Here are some of the most important tips that you can follow for lead generation on LinkedIn:

  • Create an attractive LinkedIn Profile that sells
  • Establish yourself as a thought leader
  • Offer free tools to attract more B2B leads, such as a free trial or sample
  • Create and promote LinkedIn ads, especially Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn Ads have a higher cost per lead because you are paying for quality as more leads from LinkedIn are likely to connect with you and do business with you, compared to Facebook.

While each format of Linked Ads has its specific objectives, multiple surveys have shown that single-image ads perform the best on LinkedIn, followed by LinkedIn video ads and text ads.

As per LinkedIn, beginners and new advertisers can start with daily campaigns with $25 and existing advertisers can run daily campaigns with a budget between $50 and $100 per campaign. At Media Search Group – one of the best LinkedIn marketing agencies in Dubai, you can avail of affordable LinkedIn marketing as we offer cost-effective social media marketing packages.

Search for a digital marketing agency in Dubai that offers a wide range of services such as website development, social media management, content marketing, social media advertising, and more. Working with a full-service digital marketing agency ensures that all your business marketing needs can be addressed by a single agency in Dubai. Besides, check industry experience, reviews, testimonials, and clients that do business similar to you.

Yes, you can handle LinkedIn campaigns yourself based on what type of content you want to promote. For instance, if you want to promote text content, you may find it easier. However, if you want to create bespoke and unique ads on LinkedIn, you will the need skills of a graphic designer and copywriter to get desired results. Most businesses and professionals in Dubai prefer working with a social media advertising agency to get access to all kinds of tools and resources to run campaigns specifically.

Most companies in Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East hire a digital marketing agency for social media management across different social media channels, including LinkedIn Marketing. At our social media marketing agency in Dubai, our social media management services start at an affordable price of $149 per month and go up to $599 for organic content sharing and marketing.

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