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Grow your customers by increasing the reach of your brand through the biggest social network site – Facebook. Media Search Group is the leading Facebook marketing agency in Dubai and offers a comprehensive range of Facebook marketing services not only in Dubai but also in the United Arab Emirates. Whether you want to run targeted Facebook ads, launch poll surveys, or simply post regular updates, we can take care of all your Facebook marketing needs.

Find Your Ideal Customers on Facebook with our Facebook Marketing Experts

Running ads and Facebook campaigns involves identifying the right customers. We are a renowned Facebook advertising agency in UAE. We can help you identify your ideal customers by leveraging the Lookalike Audiences Facebook feature so that you always hit the bull’s eye when it comes to displaying your Facebook ads and content in front of customers. So, join our Facebook marketing company in Dubai and reach the people who are more likely to convert into your loyal customers.

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Why Does Your Business Need Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing is one of the most preferred digital marketing services for most Dubai brands due to the fierce competition in the digital world. Unless you are being visible on this social media platform - Facebook - as your competitors do, it is difficult to grab the attention of more people and increase brand awareness.

Facebook comes with a powerful analytics suite that allows digital marketers to identify the right audience for a brand, analyze their interests & behaviors, and target them for advertising on Facebook accordingly.

Facebook Marketing

Besides, with over 2 billion daily active users with an average user engagement time of 60 minutes a day, Facebook has evolved into a powerful social media platform. You can now use Facebook to host 360-degree videos, sell your products and services with the help of a chatbot, and build a stronger, positive customer relationship.

While it may seem easy, Facebook marketing is tricky and often needs the help of an experienced Facebook marketing agency in the UAE. With the right Facebook strategies, you can garner a greater customer base, increase conversions, and grow your overall revenue. So, don’t wait anymore and invest in Facebook marketing right away.

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Our Facebook Marketing Services in Dubai Include

Analysis Facebook Marketing Strategy

Analysis Facebook Marketing Strategy

Create the best Facebook marketing strategy with Media Search Group. Our digital marketing experts work closely with you to understand your Facebook marketing needs and set goals keeping in mind those needs. Then, we identify and target the right audience for your brand, create a Facebook content strategy, determine the best time to post on Facebook and optimize your Facebook adverts.

Setting and Achieving KPIs

Setting and Achieving KPIs

We consider your business goals and your social media strategy to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). To monitor the health of your Facebook profile, we set up and track CPC, CTR, engagement, ad spend, and other KPIs. Plus, we also keep an eye on the number of fans, demographics, page views, ad impressions, and more.

Facebook Content Production

Facebook Content Production

Attract and engage more relevant Facebook users with our versatile Facebook content strategy. We post diverse content to drive engagement on your Facebook business page. It includes sharing captions that align with your brand, adding visual elements to grab the attention, asking questions, adding the right CTAs to organic posts, sharing promotions, announcing new products, educating the audience, etc.

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads Management

Create and manage your ads without any hassles by partnering with our Facebook marketing agency in Dubai. Running Facebook ads can be a game changer for your brand because more than half of user purchases are influenced by Facebook. With us, you can take advantage of this opportunity, create compelling Facebook advertisements, and track results for improvement with Facebook Ads Manager.

Creative Campaign Management

Creative Campaign Management

Create eye-catching tailored Facebook campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager with built-in optimal settings and the most advanced technology. We help you determine the right objectives for sales, leads, engagement, and traffic and optimize your Facebook campaigns for more conversions. With tailored campaigns, we can help you maximize performance and create more effective Facebook messaging.

Sales-Driven Campaign Launch

Sales-Driven Campaign Launch

Optimize your Facebook Dynamic Ads to drive in-store sales and decrease the cost-per-visit with our Facebook marketing company in Dubai. We help get more clicks on your dynamic adverts by setting the right demographic parameters, such as age, behaviors, and interests. Plus, we aim to attract more customers to your shop with geo-targeting, advert features, KPI tracking, and store visit optimization.

Awareness Driven Campaigns

Awareness Driven Campaigns

Target your audience with Facebook awareness-driven campaigns by assessing how much time a person spends looking at your ads. Yes, Facebook can do that and help support your brand in optimizing future Facebook ads. So, to improve global, national, or local awareness, we use insights from Facebook brand awareness ads to increase engagement and help lead people into your Facebook marketing funnel.

Facebook KPIs Monitoring and Reporting

Facebook KPIs Monitoring and Reporting

Keep an eye on Facebook Key Performance Indicators and optimize your Facebook ad campaigns and posts the best way. Our Facebook marketing team continuously monitors improvements in the KPIs of your Facebook campaigns and sends regular reports. It helps you know which Facebook campaigns are performing well, which ones need improvement, and which Facebook strategy is working for you.

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Types of Facebook Audience Targeting

Targeting by Location

Reach people on Facebook based on their location, such as the country, city, or region. With this feature, our team can display ads to people who live in a certain location or are traveling to that location. So, if you want to target specific regional markets, Facebook allows you to target areas around 10, 25, and 50 miles based on the data and IP addresses of its users.

Targeting by Interests and Likes

With this targeting feature, we can help you target people based on the Facebook pages they look at, events and specific things they’ve shown interest in, and ads that they have clicked on before. Facebook leverages its users' profile data that hints at their interests in entertainment, fitness and wellness, food & drink, hobbies, shopping, fashion, lifestyle, music, sports, etc.

Targeting by Connections

Have you ever seen ‘Your friend X purchased this’? This is “targeting by connections” in action. With this feature, you can target people who currently like your brand page, people similar to those who like your page, or exclude those who currently like your page to find new ones. Though it reduces the scope of who can see your ad, it increases conversions much faster.

Our Facebook Marketing Process

Facebook Consultation

We start by scheduling consultation meetings with our clients for Facebook advertising in Dubai. It helps us figure out what goals you want to achieve, what expectations you have, what challenges you have previously faced, and a lot more. It also includes setting up realistic goals, determining ad budgets, and deciding on what we need to work on to drive desired results.

Market Research

Market research is essential whether you are planning for Facebook advertising or marketing. Our team of Facebook marketing experts uses the Audience Insights tool, conducts competitor analysis, and explores your industry’s top trends on social media. It helps get consumer insights and trends to create your Facebook strategy and grow your brand’s online visibility & sales.

Content Creation

Once we know your requirements and have a Facebook marketing strategy in place, our team begins by creating organic posts, PPC ads, and other types of content writing for your Facebook business page. Our main aim is to capture the attention of as many relevant users as possible to boost brand awareness, user engagement, make more sales, and expand your business online.

Content Optimization

In addition to creating compelling images, videos, and text content for Facebook, our Facebook marketing team also optimizes them to garner as much attention, engagement and leads as possible. We create short, precise Facebook captions, use mentions, add the right and trendy hashtags, shorten links, etc. Besides, we also focus on native posting to increase the reach online.

KPI Monitoring

Tracking Facebook KPIs and monitoring them is an important part of Facebook marketing because they give marketers and businesses insights into what’s working and what's not. It helps you get a detailed idea of how much budget you are allocating to all your ads, the cost of user acquisition, the number of impressions, views, and likes that your Facebook ads and posts get, and more.

Customer Journey

Our Facebook marketing process doesn’t end with KPI reporting. We optimize Facebook marketing tactics and Facebook advertising campaigns based on the three stages of the customer journey – awareness, consideration, and conversion. Understanding the buyer’s journey helps us create an even more effective Facebook campaign strategy and refine it to get the best results.

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Professional & Quality Services

Working with Media Search Group has been an amazing experience for us. Their collaboration, customer support, and effective law firm SEO strategies have been wonderful in offering a smooth experience and generating way more leads than we have been getting before.



Game-Changer for Online Visibility

Great communication in understanding what we wanted to accomplish and needed as a client. Stayed up later hours cause they care! Great "Attention to Detail" and documenting the client's need. Good drafts and turn around time. Hopefully we can do it again!



SEO & Keyword Rankings

Media Search Group has been handling our SEO for over 2 years and nothing can beat their value for money. They are very responsive and get the job done quickly. I have a strong eye for quality and I appreciate that they have good content writers on their panel.

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Excellent SEO Services

I'm thrilled with the results of their social media marketing services. Media Search Group truly understands my brand's voice and target audience. The creative content and engagement strategies have boosted my online presence significantly. Highly recommend their expertise.

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Mastering Website Analytics & SEO

The technical SEO expertise and data-driven approach have propelled my website's performance. I've witnessed a significant surge in organic traffic and keyword rankings. Media search group has optimized my site to perfection, resulting in a noticeable increase in organic traffic.

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Online Reputation Enhancement

I'm incredibly satisfied with the online reputation management services by media search group. Their team skillfully improved my brand's image and handled negative feedback with finesse. Their strategies have boosted positive reviews and transformed my online presence.

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Google My Business & Local SEO

My business's visibility within my local community has improved dramatically. The team of Media Search Group have enhanced my website's presence in local searches. Their dedication to optimizing Google My Business and crafting effective international SEO strategies is commendable.

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Expert Custom SEO Services

Hats off to the team of media search group for their exceptional custom optimization work. They captured the essence of my brand perfectly and delivered a website that's both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For a stellar reputation makeover, these experts are top-notch.



Best Value Services

Choosing Media Search Group services for SEO, technical optimization, and achieving top 10 keyword rankings has been a game-changer. Their meticulous approach on results are truly commendable. The on-page and off-page optimizations have greatly improved my search engine rankings.

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Excellent Service Provided

My conversion rates have soared since they took charge of my campaigns. The precision in targeting and A/B testing has truly maximized my ROI. Their strategies are tailored, data-driven, and consistently yield impressive outcomes. If you're ready to thrive in the digital space, these guys have the winning formula.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is a type of social media marketing (SMM) that is done with an aim to promote your brand and its offerings and maintain your brand’s online presence on Facebook.

Facebook marketing in Dubai has many benefits for all kinds and sizes of businesses, such as:

  • Drive traffic from active Facebook users
  • Launch highly personalized and targeted ads
  • Helps grow your audience
  • Retarget potential customers to generate leads
  • More affordable than other social media advertising tactics

Facebook marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses all kinds of activities to promote your business on Facebook, such as posting organic posts, running Facebook ads, conducting surveys, and targeting and retargeting campaigns. On the other hand, Facebook advertising is a sub-part of Facebook marketing that focuses on creating, optimizing, and monitoring Facebook adverts in different available formats.

Yes, it is important to adhere to Facebook guidelines to avoid getting your content deleted from its platform. Facebook has a set of guidelines for ad campaigns that marketers need to follow. Otherwise, it marks the ads as non-compliant and takes the ad down.

When you post Facebook ads for submission, it takes at least 24 hours to appear on Facebook because its team first review and then approve the ads. Yes, you have control over where your ads appear on Facebook and you can do this by using Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences, Custom Audiences, and Core Audiences features. Besides, Facebook marketing allows you to target users for your ad campaigns by location, interests and behaviors, and connections.

When it comes to using images for Facebook ads and organic posts, you must use your best judgment and discretion. In general, photos that contain people are known to be more appealing to Facebook users. This is why many businesses include their employees in Facebook ads, while others use funny and eccentric photos.

Facebook ads are usually rejected when they do not comply with Facebook’s guidelines and advertising policies. One common reason for ad rejection on Facebook is images that have a lot of text. When compared to non-text images, text-heavy images are known to have lower distribution and engagement.

The cost of Facebook marketing packages in Dubai can change based on various factors, such as the number of ad campaigns per week or month, the number of organic posts, ad objectives, ad placements, competition, and more. At Media Search Group, the social media marketing package, which also includes Facebook marketing costs in Dubai, varies from $149 to $599.

Many businesses find it difficult to get likes on their Facebook posts and ads. It is because Facebook ad campaigns need to be targeted at the potential customers interested in your services. Hence, it requires a precise and in-depth understanding of the trends so that your ads appear in front of the right audience. This is why most businesses prefer working with a reputable Facebook advertising agency in Dubai.

To find the best Facebook marketing agency, often called Facebook advertising company in Dubai, you can follow the below tips:

  • First, define your Facebook marketing goals clearly
  • Search for the best Facebook marketing companies in Dubai online or ask for recommendations from friends and peers.
  • Check reviews and testimonials, their portfolio, experience, and expertise in Facebook marketing
  • See the range of activities they offer for Facebook marketing
  • Once you narrow down the list of good Facebook advertising companies in Dubai, schedule a meeting to discuss the Facebook strategy, budget, expectations, and how they can help you.
  • Finally, trust your instincts to finalize the best Facebook marketing agency in Dubai for your business.

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