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The art of visual storytelling is tricky in the world of Instagram, where users get to see new reels and posts with every scroll. We are a leading Instagram marketing agency in Dubai help you create scroll-stopping advertising strategies to grab the attention of your target audience, increase brand awareness, promote your app, and boost your sales through social commerce and innovative Instagram marketing services.

Shaping Stories, Building Brands Beyond Filters – The Instagram Way

Just let us know about your brand, and we will shape a positive online perception with compelling brand stories, eye-catching Instagram ads, and organic posts. If you want to transform the way people see you online, Instagram is the perfect social media platform. It offers multiple ways to connect and engage with your followers. Our social media team follows the best practices and tactics to promote your brand best.

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Our Instagram Marketing Services

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Demographics Segmentation
  • Audience Targeting
  • Instagram Strategy
  • Campaign Creation
  • Advert Copy Design and Creation
  • KPI Tracking
  • Instagram Ads and Copy Optimization
  • Monthly Progress Reporting
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Analysis of Engagement Pattern
  • Instagram Content Optimization
  • Image enhancement and SEO
Instagram Marketing Services

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Objectives of Running Different Types of Instagram Ads

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

Improve your social media presence through compelling Instagram ads that attract and resonate, extending your reach to new regions and customers.



Infuse a steady stream of engaged users to your platform as our Instagram ads seamlessly guide potential customers to your website and its catalog.



Create meaningful relationships with our creative Instagram ads as they encourage likes, comments, and shares, cultivating a loyal community around your brand.



Change the game of lead generation with Instagram ads finely designed to entice and convert, driving valuable leads to your business and increasing sales.

App Install/Promotion

App Install/Promotion

Get your app into the limelight with targeted Instagram ads that showcase its features, increasing downloads. Instagram is a haven for app promotional content.



See an increase in conversions as our Instagram ads direct potential customers to make purchases, boosting your bottom line and expanding the customer base.

How We Grow Your Social Presence with Instagram Marketing in Dubai

Define SMART Goals

We set social media goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound, i.e. SMART. It acts as a roadmap for our social media management activities.

Identify Target Audience

We help identify your ideal audience by analyzing your brand and its offerings so that we create compelling content that resonates and relates to your target audience and engages them.

Set Up Instagram Business Account

For businesses new to Instagram, we create business accounts to build a professional presence, utilizing Instagram's business features to discover new reach and insights.

Create a Social Media Calendar

We also create your social media calendar to schedule Instagram content posting as it ensures consistent, timely posts that align with your goals and attract your target prospects.

Create Social Media Content

We develop compelling visual and written content that tells your brand story, conveys your values, and promotes your products and services in an engaging way.

Focus on Brand Engagement

With consistent, authentic, and alluring content, we help you encourage discussions that elevate your brand's credibility and trust while boosting brand engagement.

Keep Your Instagram Page Updated

As your trusted Instagram marketing company in Dubai, we ensure you have a dynamic profile, delivering fresh content to keep followers engaged and interested.

Instagram KPI Monitoring & Analysis

Measure your success with real analytics data! We meticulously track the key parameters of your Instagram account. It helps us analyze to refine strategies.

Instagram Marketing in Dubai: Increase Social Engagement and Brand Loyalty

Our full-service digital marketing company in Dubai offers the best social media marketing services, including Instagram advertising and marketing.

  • Channel-specific marketing
  • Online branding
  • Instagram profile creation
  • Goal-oriented campaigns
  • Online reputation management
  • Social media calendars
Instagram Marketing

Benefits of Instagram Marketing Services in Dubai

UAE Instagram users

Tap into 6.21M UAE Instagram users

Get access to millions of people with Instagram, find your ideal customers, and expand your market reach.

Enhanced brand engagement

Enhanced brand engagement

Generate meaningful engagement on Instagram with organic posts and ads that convey your brand messaging.

Better customer interaction

Better customer interaction

Connect with your customers directly, address their queries, and get feedback promptly to build trust and rapport.

Improved customer loyalty

Improved customer loyalty

Allow you to achieve better customer satisfaction, eventually creating loyal customers who advocate your brand.

Higher organic traffic

Higher organic traffic

Promote your blog posts on Instagram and attract more users to your website, increasing organic traffic and ranking.

Higher conversion rate

Higher conversion rate

With tailored Instagram marketing strategies, convert engaged followers into customers, boosting your brand's ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions on Dubai Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the best social media networking platforms used by over 6 million people in the UAE and over 1 billion worldwide. It is a dynamic platform for visually engaging content, allowing brands to connect with their potential customers and promote their products and services more effectively.

To promote your Dubai business on Instagram, you must first create an Instagram content strategy and then learn about local trends. Then, produce visually appealing content, such as photos, videos, and reels, and publish them with relevant and popular hashtags. Besides, you can also collaborate with local Instagram influencers.

To sell your products on Instagram more quickly, you need to work on producing high-quality visual content, take advantage of Instagram Shopping features, create engaging stories for followers, and leverage user-generated content to infuse trust and authenticity.

When promoting a business, it can be tricky to build a large following base as opposed to personal account. However, with the right strategy, you can reach your goal by creating quality and engaging content native to Instagram users. You should use the right hashtags, participate in conversations, work with influencers, and stay consistent with posting.

To find your target customers on Instagram, you can follow the below tips:

  • Create buyer personas
  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Use existing demographic data
  • Use relevant hashtags
  • Participate in conversations
  • Take advantage of geotagging

The cost of social media marketing in Dubai can vary hugely based on the platforms you want to use for brand promotion, whether you want to run paid campaigns or only organic posts, your choice of social media marketing agency, and various other factors. At Media Search Group, we offer social media marketing packages, including Instagram marketing. Our social media packages start at $149 per month.

Working with Instagram marketing agencies in Dubai, UAE, means gives you access to their expertise and a diverse pool of talent. They will create proven Instagram strategies and implement them effectively to maximize your brand’s social presence, engagement, and ROI.

To find one of the best Instagram marketing companies in Dubai, you should look for marketing agencies in Dubai with proven track records, client testimonials, industry experience, and a good understanding of Dubai’s market dynamics. At Media Search Group, our Instagram marketing agency in Dubai has been offering its social media services for over 12 years. We have catered to almost all kinds of businesses of all sizes.

Experts recommend mixing relevant and trending hashtags about 5 to 10 per post to increase the reach without making your post look spammy.

The most popular Instagram content categories in Dubai are entertainment, food, travel, tech, lifestyle, arts &culture, and fashion & beauty.

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