How Can Fewer Backlinks Give The Highest Results?

Thinking of the business opportunities that wait next door for your business, bringing it online is just the first step. The actual picture begins once your website goes live and you start getting calls and messages for the products and services that you provide. However, gaining online traffic is a difficult job.

There is no certainty that each and every person searching for the product or service that you sell will buy it from your website only. There are multiple websites and hence, widespread competition. Here comes the need for increasing the visibility of a website in the search engine results.

There is no defined set of rules and regulation for channelizing traffic to a website. It is not like the usual traffic we find on the road that is traveling on the road to reach their destination as soon as possible because any one who is surfing the internet is looking for a result to his query. Here come the needs for backlinks.


What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage that increase the website’s visibility in a search engine results. In other words, these are the threads that weave the web and trap the visitor to the center of it, the website. It is important that your website has specific links that direct the traffic to your website.

These links might appear on other third-party, high ranking websites that have high incoming traffic or in the advertisements that appear on relevant websites. The sole purpose of backlinks is to gain traffic from the web.

Why have Backlinks become Ineffective?

In the earlier times, going back for just 5 years, backlinks were the major metric for the ranking of a web page. A page with a lot of backlinks performed great in improving the search engine visibility and websites that had a lot of backlinks ranked higher on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

However, as technology advanced, the search engines realized that backlinking is becoming disadvantageous and they updated their algorithms such that the websites with negative backlinks (that came from irrelevant sources) were devalued. The rankings of websites changed greatly once backlinks were removed from the criteria of ranking.

What is the Catch in Link Building?

The catch here is that backlinks no longer contribute to the ranking of the website but they still serve the purpose of fetching traffic if the right techniques of creating backlinks are practiced. Still, they act as the catalyst that fosters the success of a website’s traffic gaining campaign without being directly involved in it.

The bottom line is to build fewer backlinks but derive the highest results out of them. Going for heavy link building on a website needs the website to be ready to manage the threads that are woven to the website. So, it is advisable to build fewer links and get the most out of every backlink.

How to Build Backlinks that Give Better Results?

Since backlinks are costly and time-consuming, investing resources on a backlink must be wisely done. A technically optimized site, having a strong site architecture and cent percent valuable content is likely to derive the maximum out of backlinks.

  • Technically Sound: Any flaw in the website, on the page or off the page that hinders the user’s experience should be eliminated before backlinks are established. Poor loading speed, 404 errors, duplicate content redirect chains, canonical errors, duplicate META data, etc. contribute to the improper delivering of your backlinks.
  • Architecturally Sound: The site authority is the latest trend for ranking websites on search engines. The clarity of the site architecture reflects the ease the user will have in finding the search results. If you are using a content-driven SEO approach, strong site architecture is directly proportional to building a site authority naturally.
  • Content-wise Sound: Producing valuable content that is unique, relevant and clear should be the top most priority. It is responsible for influencing the success of an SEO campaign and fetching more backlinks. Even if your website is technically optimized and architecturally sound, your campaign is close to failure because you have left out the seriousness that needs to be invested in order to create a worthy content.

What are the Penalty Backlinks?

As mentioned earlier, websites with negative backlinks had been penalized. Large amounts of outbound links and/or irrelevant links that point out to bad neighborhoods (gambling, pharma, porn, SEO sites etc.) are toxic to the sites ranking in the search engine result. The various penalty backlinks include blog comments, sidebar & footer backlinks and automated backlinks. You should definitely avoid them because of the risk they carry to your SEO strategy.

How Backlinks Affect the Trust Rank?

While you have backlinks as an important part of your SEO strategy, make sure that the links help to build the website’s trust rank, hence, improve its visibility in search engine results. Using naked link or branded anchors for foundational backlinks is the right approach to build the trust rank. Choose the platforms that work best for your business and build links with them. Create a layer of relevancy by using niche relevant comments on posts of the website.

Note: Automated generated incoming link or Backlinks are not good for website ranking & reputation. Many “Professional SEO agencies” like Moz, Search engine land etc gives advice to makes organic backlinks from natural ways.

If you have all these things in mind, you can definitely prevent penalty backlinks and have a good SEO campaign.

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