5 Killer Tips to Convert Website Traffic into Customer

In today’s ever-expanding online market, the businesses are flourishing rapidly. On contrary, there are some who fail to reach out to their target audiences which results in the rapid downfall of the business.

Certainly, there are some valid and specific reasons which contribute to this sudden descend of the business online. To name a few are:

  • Loading speed of the website
  • Optimization of the landing page
  • Appropriate usage of social media
  • Giving up valuable stuff along with special offers

Another key factor which needs consideration is to know how you can actually convert your website traffic into real customers once you have followed all the aforementioned points.

More often, people are stuck at one point of attaining high website traffic and feel contented and expect sale and huge ROI, which never happens. Though getting lots of website traffic is a good sign but there are always some minor yet significant points you need to keep in mind.

Have you ever thought of what happens when your website receives a huge traffic and what people do thereafter? An increment in the website traffic simply means that more people are visiting your website. But how many of them actually get converted to paying customers is the main concern.

In this regard, you need to focus on conversion optimization which ensures an increase in the numbers of visitors getting converted to customers. It is a process of maximizing the percentage of website visitors who complete the desired action.


1. Create an attractive landing page: Try to create a landing page with a unique and attractive headline, striking logo and proper designing elements. The website should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Moreover, the landing page should compel the visitors to visit inner pages and also complete the desired action.

2. Attract the customers with numerous payment gateway options: Always try to make the payment procedures easy and explicable for the customers. Offering only one payment option such as PayPal can turn down those customers who are unaware of the functioning of this particular gateway or who have not used it earlier. In such a case, offering multiple payment options works as thumbs rule.

3. Make access to customer services easy and fast: Is it not a worst case that you do not have a contact number or a person to answer the queries and questions put up by the customers? What if the customer wants to ask something? Who will attend the call and how much time is needed to answer the questions of the customer? Keeping all these things in mind is also necessary. It is even far better to offer a toll- free number and make it highly visible throughout.

4. Improve the return policies to convert visitors into customers: In case, you do not have any return policy, you should immediately think about it. Even if you have some return policies that are difficult and complicated to understand and follow, it is the even worse case. It is highly recommended to smoothen and expand the limits of return policies that can make the customers feel at ease.

5. Ask for Feedback and do the needful: It is a universally accepted fact that customer is a KING. It is always preferable to ask for a feedback and humbly accept the changes or flaws mentioned by the customers. You should have a full-fledged team that keeps on working on the improvement of your website according to the feedback and suggestions provided.

Apart from doing, don’t forget to hire an “SEO Service Provider” & setting up a tracking mechanism and calculating your conversion rates can also be helpful for your business. Doing so, you will definitely reach heights when it comes to online business and success.

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