Social Bookmarking Services

To get the relevant traffic on a website, a website has to do Social Bookmarking. Social Bookmarking is a manual process which generates right traffic to a website and provides stronger visibility. A site is bookmarked manually on more than 250 social bookmarking sites. As social bookmarked site gets highly visible and is able to target appropriate audience. To make the process error free manual submission is the finest way and Mediasearchgroup uses this method only.

It is a powerful way to build the right link building and to generate profitable traffic and at the same time gives the site its ranking. Many SEOs developers prefer to link sites on social networking websites because they create the one-way links.

Features Social Bookmarking

  • Manual submission of website
  • Well-trained professionals for submission
  • Creation of unique titles and tags
  • Only relevant one-way link building
  • Website gets permanent links

Advantage of Social Bookmarking

  • Targeted traffic - Many people read only bookmarked blog post and web article. They also give their opinions along with votes. Increased traffic improves the ranking of a site thus increases business.
  • Creates a brand with visibility factor - Submitting content on Social Bookmarking sites help blog and website to be in reach of millions of people. Higher the popularity; higher the brand familiarity among the people to creates its own market.
  • Create correct links - Social Bookmarking Sites has tremendous traffic on a daily basis, once a blog or website becomes popular among the users then links are built and ranking of the site also increases on the search engines.

Hiring a professional is very important for promoting a website or a product. It looks easy to work on social bookmarking but it is not so. It is a time-consuming process as an account has to be created for each submission. We at, Mediasearchgroup, a social bookmarking Company in India, helps in creating those account and also share the details of those accounts with the clients. We make sure that an easy and simple login id and password is created so that it can be easily recalled.

Our Social Bookmarking Service Includes

  • Creating account
  • Entire list submitted
  • Specific sites to submit blog or website
  • Submit to some popular websites
  • Detail report of each submission
  • Client being updated regularly

Mediasearchgroup has a team of expert which can help you take the right steps for making your website popular via social bookmarking.

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