Security Guard Company
Case Study (CrownGuard Security)

Project Overview

CrownGuard Security offers elite ex-military security services and employs ex-armed veteran soldiers to provide security and protection. It covers residential security, commercial security, and retail security. By employing ex-military veterans, not only does this company strengthen the security of London businesses but it also gives an opportunity to ex-military soldiers to continue working and readjusting to living in our economy.

The client joined hands with Media Search Group to create a robust digital marketing strategy and boost its online visibility. After the website SEO audit and competitor analysis, we prepared a digital marketing proposal for the client that covered many digital marketing aspects, such as improving organic keyword rankings, traffic throughput, local ranking, and more.

After discussing our digital marketing plan, our SEO experts started working on improving search performance for our client’s site. Our main focus was on fixing technical issues in the website, link building, optimizing website content, creating new SEO-optimized content, and continuous monitoring.

For CrownGuard, we have gained over 327% boost in organic traffic and ranked its targeted keywords in the top positions of the #1 Page.

  • +87.52%

    Engagement Rate

  • +24.74%

    Increase in CTR

  • 14M+


  • +327%

    Organic Traffic

  • 550+

    Organic Keywords


When we undertook the project of CrownGuard Security, the company was struggling to get organic traffic to its websites. There were many issues such as outdated content, negative SEO, low online visibility, and low site traffic.


To grow CrownGuard’s visibility and organic site traffic, our core strategy revolved around search engine optimization and maximizing content discoverability. This involved extensive keyword research to identify high-volume terms related to security services for homes and businesses. We then optimized pages and posts around these keywords, crafting informative, relevant content that positioned CrownGuard as a trusted authority.

Ongoing link-building through guest posts on security blogs helped improve website traffic. We also continually created and updated location-specific pages targeting search terms in all of CrownGuard's service areas across the UK. To increase their online presence, we also set up their business pages on social media networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. The resulting gains in organic rankings and traffic cemented CrownGuard as a leader for security-conscious website visitors.

Here is a detailed overview of the steps our team has taken to achieve a significant improvement in the website’s ranking for targeted keywords:

SEO Audit of the Security Guard Company Website

To start, we thoroughly analyzed CrownGuard's current website traffic, keywords, and other key metrics. We found organic monthly visitors were under 500, with only a few security-related keywords ranking. Given the competitiveness of search for security services in London, UK, this presented major SEO growth opportunities.

On-page optimization was inadequate, with thin content that didn't highlight CrownGuard's expertise. The site had gained just a handful of backlinks from relevant sites like home security blogs and industry directories.

Without consistent link-building efforts, domain authority had stagnated. Our SEO survey indicated significant potential to boost organic traffic and leads by expanding keyword targeting, optimizing pages, and earning high-quality backlinks from trusted sources. The insights gained laid the foundation for our performance-focused SEO strategy.

Security-Specific Keyword Research

A key part of our SEO audit involved identifying promising "easy win" keywords that could quickly boost CrownGuard's rankings. We discovered over 200 medium-to-low competition terms like "security guards for hire" and "security hire". By optimizing existing and new pages around these terms, we saw a 137% increase in organic traffic within a year. We also added long-tail variations of core keywords, helping increase rankings for 550+ organic security-related keywords. Leveraging data and tools to find valuable target keywords provided the fuel for our SEO efforts, leading to a 327% surge in qualified visitors from organic search.

CrownGuard’s Competitive Gap Analysis

We identified over 50 security companies in London as direct competitors to CrownGuard. Studying their websites and SEO strategies revealed valuable insights. One leading competitor ranked for 500+ keywords that CrownGuard was missing out on. By adding relevant terms like "hiring security guard" and "guard security phone", we expanded CrownGuard's keyword targeting by 55%. Incorporating this new competitive intelligence into our optimization resulted in an 82.78% increase in rankings for the top 10 keyword positions. With every update, we analyzed competitors' approaches to find new opportunities to outperform them in SEO. This process was crucial for securing CrownGuard as a leader across search results for security services.

Our SEO Strategy to Establish CrownGuard Security Service as the Leader

With the audit and competitor gap analysis insights in hand, we developed a targeted SEO strategy tailored for CrownGuard Security to boost organic growth. We focused on on-page SEO, technical SEO, creating high-quality content, blog posts, and guest posts optimized for 500+ previously untapped keywords. To improve authority and rankings, our link-building strategy (off-page SEO) secured relevant backlinks from security industry sites and directories. We also improved the website to enhance its responsiveness and mobile-friendliness (mobile SEO).

The comprehensive efforts resulted in a +327% increase in organic users, a +24.74% increase in CTR, and a +64.29% increase in active users. Besides, pageviews have increased by 14 Million. By integrating SEO into CrownGuard’s overall digital presence, we successfully established them as a trusted leader for security-related searches.

We also helped create and verify CrownGuard’s Google My Business listing, which is the key part of local SEO, to strengthen local pack visibility.

To check its local online presence, please take a look at this impressive sample Google Map Local Pack below:

Being a security provider serving diverse customers across the UK, ranking highly in local searches was crucial for CrownGuard. We focused on building up their Google My Business listing with complete, accurate data so they would stand out for nearby customers.

Google gives more importance to factors such as physical proximity, prominence, and relevance when deciding which businesses to showcase for local searches. But we went beyond just GMB - our localized content and outreach (local SEO) also helped strengthen CrownGuard's authority in key regions they served.

Rather than paying individually for specific services, CrownGuard took advantage of our full suite of integrated SEO offerings. This gave us the flexibility to deploy the optimal mix of digital marketing strategies for their unique needs.

Results We Obtained for CrownGuard Security

Our targeted SEO strategy delivered tremendous growth for CrownGuard across the following key metrics:

Ranking Keywords

Expanded to 550+. Wider keyword targeting improves searchability and discoverability for relevant searches. By optimizing for a larger breadth of security service phrases, we increased CrownGuard's search visibility and reach. As shown in the graph below, ranking keywords grew steadily over the campaign's duration as we continually added relevant target terms. Expanding beyond just top keywords to include long-tail variants enabled CrownGuard's pages to be discovered by searchers across hundreds more related queries.

Top 10 Rankings

Organic rankings of CrownGuard are up by +82.78%, resulting in higher visibility for priority keyword terms. By optimizing pages around core keywords “security guards for hire”, we pushed more of CrownGuard's top terms into the critical top 10 organic positions, as shown in the table below. Ranking on page 1 for their most important keywords gives CrownGuard prime visibility when potential customers search for security providers. Being in the top results for high-volume commercial terms was key for driving more qualified traffic. The +82.78% expansion in the top 10 rankings established CrownGuard as a leader across search results.

Organic Traffic

The security guard company witnessed +327% growth, outpacing competitors in unpaid searches. In the graph shared below, you can easily observe consistent improvement during 2021-2023. Overall, steady organic traffic has been maintained by our digital marketing company – Media Search Group for the security guard company – CrownGuard Security. In the beginning, the traffic was just below 500; however, after we started handling their SEO, the traffic has risen nearly to 2,000.

In addition, we have also brought improvement in various other KPIs shared below that indicate tremendous improvement in CrownGuard’s online presence and brand recognition.

Organic Visitors

Increased by +137.46%. More high-quality traffic is now discovering CrownGuard online


Reached 14 million, leading to greater visibility and exposure for content.

Average Position

The website’s online search engine position of CrownGuard has improved by +13.11%.

Total Traffic Sessions

Reached over 38,000+. With more visitors spending time exploring CrownGuard's site, total sessions have surged. This expands brand exposure and brand awareness.

Engagement Rate

Increased by +87% and now more visitors are interacting with and exploring CrownGuard's content instead of leaving quickly. This shows high-quality, engaging content.

Click-Through Rate

More searchers are clicking on CrownGuard's listings after seeing them in the search engine results. Improved relevance and rankings boosted CTR by +24.74%.

The significant gains across organic traffic, engagement rate, CTR, top 10 rankings, sessions, and other metrics indicate that our work not only drove quantitative increases in organic traffic, we also improved qualitative factors relating to on-site experience and discovery of relevant content. This is driving more conversions for CrownGuard from their organic visibility.

The dramatic expansion across all key performance indicators proves the immense impact of our integrated SEO program in establishing CrownGuard as the top security services provider in SEO.

Takeaways for Developing an Impactful SEO Strategy

CrownGuard's success demonstrates the immense value of integrated SEO done right and our ability to drive desired results at Media Search Group. With in-depth audits, competitive research, and data-driven strategy, we crafted a tailored approach that lifted CrownGuard ahead of its rivals in organic search rankings. The extensive gains in traffic, visibility, and engagement cemented their leadership in security services in London.

For any enterprise, SEO must be a core piece of the marketing mix - not an afterthought. Partnering with search experts like Media Search Group enables businesses to develop an insightful digital marketing strategy, leverage proven SEO tactics, and track meaningful KPIs. With the right plan in place, security companies can harness SEO's power to connect with target audiences and drive growth 24/7. Just as we did for CrownGuard, our team is ready to collaborate with brands to maximize their digital visibility and realize their online potential.

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