Veterinary Clinic Case Study
Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic


Veterinary Marketing Project Overview

Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic (ABVC) is a Dubai-based pet healthcare clinic that provides high-quality care for pets, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, etc. The clinic offers a wide range of pet medical care services, such as emergency pet care, preventive care, pet surgery, pet renal and diabetes care, pet travel and relocation services, final care, and more. It also has a pet pharmacy to supply reliable pet supplies and veterinary diets from top brands.

The vet clinic partnered with Media Search Group to create an effective digital marketing strategy to boost its brand awareness among Dubai pet owners, website organic traffic, search engine rankings, and lead generation. We conducted a comprehensive website analysis and competitor analysis and then came up with an integrated digital marketing plan for the veterinary clinic.
Our digital marketing proposal combined a mix of search engine optimization, content optimization, link building, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

After a detailed meeting regarding the proposal and getting a green signal from the client, our digital marketing experts began working on the client’s website as per the plan. We analyzed the clinic’s website and identified the gap and opportunities to improve its brand recognition and increase search visibility in front of pet owners in Dubai to generate more leads and revenue.

For Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic, our digital marketing and SEO strategies translated into an increase of +94.39% in engagement rate, +168.53% in organic traffic, +78% in PPC ad conversions, and remarkable improvements in various other important metrics.

  • 2.56 M+

    Organic Impressions

  • +11.22%

    Average Position

  • 750+

    Organic Keywords

  • 633+

    Total Ad Clicks

  • +78%

    Conversion Rate

Challenges Faced in Boosting the Vet Clinic's Digital Presence

Though our digital marketing team is well-versed in veterinary marketing, scaling the clinic's digital presence posed some initial challenges.

Lack of optimized content

Most existing pages lacked keywords and were not effectively written for SEO. We optimized on-page content around targeted terms.

Missing CTAs

Many pages were missing call-to-action buttons and links to convert visitors. We added relevant CTAs aligned with each page's intent.

Navigation Issues

Poor site architecture made pages hard to find. We restructured the navigation for intuitive access.

Quality Backlinks

With under 15 existing backlinks, we started link-building from scratch by targeting relevant veterinary sites.

On-Page Errors

Technical problems like broken links hampered SEO. We fixed underlying issues through audits.

Site Speed

Slow load times increased bounce rate. We optimized images and web vitals to maximize performance.

Lack of optimized content

Most existing pages lacked keywords and were not effectively written for SEO. We optimized on-page content around targeted terms.

Missing CTAs

Many pages were missing call-to-action buttons and links to convert visitors. We added relevant CTAs aligned with each page's intent.

Navigation Issues

Poor site architecture made pages hard to find. We restructured the navigation for intuitive access.

With diligence to address these challenges, we steadily strengthened the clinic's SEO foundations and online presence.

Our Digital Marketing Solution for Veterinary Care

To establish Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic as the top choice for local pet owners, our online marketing strategy focused on the combination of SEO and PPC. We developed informative, SEO-friendly content showcasing the clinic's services and veterinary expertise. This formed the cornerstone of far-reaching SEO efforts to rank for keywords like "dog vet clinic," "dog pharmacy in Dubai," and "Dubai vet".

We managed Google My Business to strengthen local pack visibility. Paid campaigns targeted pet owners near clinic locations. The multi-channel digital marketing approach allowed Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic to publish helpful resources while connecting with and educating potential new clients online.

Here is a detailed overview of digital marketing efforts that our online marketing team has performed to achieve the pet clinic’s goals:

SEO Audit for the Veterinary Clinic to Identify Opportunities

As the foundation of our strategy, we first conducted a comprehensive audit of the clinic's current SEO and digital presence. The SEO audit revealed that Ranking keywords were under 100, showing untapped potential to target more localized pet care phrases which ranked competitively. With no dedicated link building, backlinks from veterinarian directories and pet publications were only a handful. Without consistent efforts to boost visibility, domain authority stayed too low.

Analyzing the competitor landscape uncovered clinics ranking higher through optimized content.

Our SEO audit painted a clear picture - though the clinic was moving in the right direction, strategic SEO and outreach could multiply organic traffic and leads. According to our marketing plan, we would create pillar content optimized for Dubai-based queries while building backlinks. With these insights, we developed an integrated marketing strategy tailored to accelerate the clinic's growth as a trusted pet care resource. The opportunities were clear, and we were ready to execute.

Veterinary-Specific Keyword Research to Reach Local Pet Owners

Thorough keyword research was crucial to reach our target audience - pet owners in Dubai seeking veterinary care. By analyzing search volume and intent, we identified hundreds of viable keywords like "dog pharmacy in Dubai", "house call services for cats", "veterinary clinic Dubai", and "veterinary doctor". Optimizing pages and content for these hyperlocal terms was the key to attracting nearby customers.

We also targeted longer, more conversational keywords as these matched the early research stages of pet parents. For example "common pet health concerns", “dog vaccination essentials” and "dental home care for pets". By offering E-A-T-based content, we guided site visitors through their conversion journey.
In total, we expanded the clinic's keyword portfolio from just 30 to over 750+ targeted phrases. This precise targeting fueled a 168.53% increase in organic traffic.

Now ranking for both local and informational keywords, the clinic reaches pet owners at every stage - from proximity-based searches to deep research queries. The selection of a wide range of keywords helped us capture potential patients while building the clinic's reputation.

Competitor Gap Analysis for Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic

We identified 10 direct competing veterinary clinics in Dubai to analyze their digital marketing and SEO strategies. This revealed the leaders were attracting 600+ monthly organic visitors by optimizing location-based keywords and building reviews. However, their competitors lagged in publishing engaging, educational content.

We crafted a unique plan for Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic focused on rich, expertise-sharing articles like "Health Examinations and Vaccinations for Pets" and “Summer Tips for Cat Owners”. This provided value for visitors while aligning with buyer keywords.
Additionally, competitive link building showed clinics were gaining veterinarian directory backlinks which we replicated.
With in-depth competitor research guiding our efforts, we were able to build an integrated strategy incorporating the most effective marketing tactics. As a result, Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic surpassed competitors in organic visitors, ranking keywords, and local pack dominance within 12 months.

Our ongoing competitor monitoring and website optimization resulted in a whopping total of 23.8K clicks within the last 12 months, ensuring we maintain our hard-earned leadership position.

Our Digital Marketing Strategy for Veterinary Clinic’s Growth

With competitive research completed, we developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for the clinic tailored to their goals of boosting local awareness and organic traffic. Our plan focused on creating in-depth, optimization-friendly educational content about pet care in Dubai to attract searchers. We then executed ongoing link-building outreach to veterinary websites to build authority-passing backlinks. Paid ads targeted by location and keywords helped connect with nearby pet owners. Listings were expanded on directories and review sites to stand out locally. PPC campaigns highlighted the clinic's services and expertise. With all digital channels and tactics strategically aligned, we had a focused game plan to increase the clinic's visibility, leads, and website visitors.

Performance Optimization

On-Page SEO

Optimized on-page elements like meta tags and website content for 750+ targeted organic keywords, improving findability and clicks from searchers. This contributed to a 168.53% increase in organic traffic.

Code Stability

Technical SEO

Fixed technical issues like broken links, improved site speed through image optimization, and enhanced accessibility, and achieved indexing for all pages of the veterinary clinic’s website.

Code Stability

Content Marketing

Created long-form, expert articles on pet care topics optimized for Dubai-based keyword terms which attract high search volume. Useful, engaging content helped drive +108% more organic SEO traffic.

Performance Optimization

Link Building

We secured 700+ referring domains from veterinarian directories, publications, and local business sites. High-quality backlinks improved domain authority and organic rankings, resulting in a 47% increase in backlinks.

Code Stability

PPC Advertising

Ran Google Ads targeting pet owners, lowering cost-per-click (CPC) by -34.28%. PPC drove 633 total ad clicks, and 9,248 site sessions.

Our integrated digital strategies strengthened the clinic's expertise and visibility across channels. As a result, total organic impressions surpassed 1.56 million, while top 10 ranking keywords jumped 91.26%. The comprehensive digital marketing plan delivered the targeted local visibility and traffic needed to acquire new pet patients and grow the clinic's practice.

Results We Obtained for the Veterinary Clinic Across All Digital Marketing Channels

After 12 months of executing our integrated strategy, the results speak for themselves. The veterinary clinic achieved tremendous improvements across key metrics:

Organic Results (Unpaid)

Engagement Rate

Up +94.39%, more visitors are interacting with and exploring content instead of leaving quickly. This shows high-quality, engaging resources.

Organic Traffic Improvement

Increased by +168% improvement, outpacing competitors in unpaid search.

Clicks and Impressions:

Attracted 23.8K clicks and over 1.56 million impressions over 12 months, resulting in greater visibility and reach for the clinic's content.

Total Traffic Sessions

Achieved 64,000+ total sessions by encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring the clinic's website.

Active Users

An overall +78.54% increase in monthly active users engaging with the site, leading to more brand awareness and recall value.

Average Position

Improved by +11.22%, increasing website search visibility online and the website appearing higher in search results than before


Now averages +2.4%, as our SEO strategy resulted in increased clicks from searchers.

New Users

Attracted 55,144 new users through different channels for the pet care clinic website

Organic SEO Traffic

Gained an increase of +108.54% in qualified visitors from search engines.

Top 10 Rankings

Up +91%, resulting in more visibility for priority keywords.

Referring Domains

Secured 700+ high-quality backlinks, improving site traffic, authority, and brand awareness

Total Clicks (6 Months)

Generated 12.3K clicks, leading to more website engagement and conversion

Organic Keywords

Expanded from just 20 to 750+ targeted ranking keywords so that the website appears for more relevant search queries

Total Impression (6 Months)

Captured 889K impressions, increasing the vet clinic’s online visibility


Gained improvement in backlinks by +47%, strengthening domain metrics.

Paid Advertising Results

Paid Clicks

Captured 633 clicks from PPC ads by making them precisely targeted.

PPC Sessions

Generated +9,248 additional website sessions.

Pay-Per-Click CPC

Cut cost-per-click by -34.28% while increasing clicks.

Ad Impressions

Attracted +14,217 impressions for expanded PPC reach in front of the targeted audience.

Ad Click-Through-Rate

Increased to 3.16%, resulted in higher lead generation

Conversion Rate

Gained +78% higher signup rate from paid traffic.

Engagement Rate

Captured engagement from +57.38% of ad viewers

The immense growth across our comprehensive digital marketing program cemented the clinic as a top local pet care resource and dramatically increased new patient acquisition.

Take Away Points to Develop a Successful SEO Strategy for Veterinary Marketing

The remarkable digital marketing results we achieved for Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic show that when online marketing is done with the right strategy, you can enjoy major improvements in terms of organic traffic, clicks, and conversions. With a combination of competition analysis, search engine optimization, link building, content marketing, and Google paid advertising, we have helped the vet clinic beat its competitors and stay on the top for related search queries.

For any veterinary healthcare business, a mix of digital marketing strategies must be a part of the marketing plan to achieve the desired success. Connecting with Media Search Group allows businesses to develop a robust and conversion-driven SEO and digital marketing strategy, implement the best SEO practices, and monitor KPIs that matter to your business. Just as we are helping Al Barsha Veterinary Clinic (ABVC) achieve milestones in online marketing, we can also help elevate your business’s digital presence and generate more leads and conversions.

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